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 NEW!  What's up with all the colors in the tenses page? For now, see Rods Tense System (RTS) page for an explanation.

The links to the tenses have example sentences with the tenses' RTS colors.

Simple Present - You read TextRich.

Simple Past - You read TextRich. OR You clicked on the link.

Simple Future - You will read TextRich.

 NEW!  Present Continuous - You are reading TextRich.

Present Perfect - You have read TextRich. OR You have clicked on the link.

Past Perfect - You had read TextRich. OR You had clicked on the link.

Future Perfect - You will have read TextRich. OR You will have clicked on the link.

Coming soon...

Note: In this site, the tenses with [be] and -ing are called continuous. That kind of tense is also called progressive. For English they mean the same thing, but according to this ESL blog post, in some languages continuous focuses on the subjects and progressive focuses on the actions. My school's English department calls it continuous and I generally adopt the continuous definition, so that is the name we will use here.

Past Continuous - You were reading TextRich.

Future Continuous - You will be reading TextRich.

Present Perfect Continuous - You have been reading TextRich.

Past Perfect Continuous - You had been reading TextRich.

Future Perfect Continuous - You will have been reading TextRich.


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