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My Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2020 Settings

Just for fun, below are some of the settings I use in my Strat-O-Matic Baseball PC replays, with explanations for the less obvious ones. Some people like their replays to be as As-Played as possible, complete with the same starting pitchers, injuries, and trades. I am not one of those people. I am more interested in what-if scenarios. I am always looking at stats and crunching numbers, asking myself questions like, "If that player had been on the Opening Day roster, rather than staying in AAA until July, would he have hit 100 RBIs?" and "If he had not been so nervous in September, would he have hit over .400?" I like using my own lineups and trying to do better than the real-life managers did. Finally, I also play the cards-and-dice game using the full SADV rules, so I do not mind the PC game having little extras to make it a little different from the C&D game.

Do note that if you are playing a season that is not SADV or do not have all modern features, the computer game will simply use the next highest level of settings. So you can just set the level to your maximum preference. For example my 1985 replay uses 1985 ADV cards (as the season has not been released as SADV) but I use SADV-level rules anyway and let the computer program handle any missing features. Finally, if you are unsure of an option, you can read about it under the computer program's help file. It has a LOT of information and tips on the game and I highly recommend just browsing through it.

Game Rules

Max Rules

Lineups and Usage

Game Preferences




I don't want too many Events results. Three for pitching and three for hitting are good enough. Shutouts are for team shutouts, not starting pitchers' shutouts. FYI Event Codes range from A for shutout, B for 2 or less hits, C for 15 or more runs, and so on until the letter O. N, conveniently, represents a no-hitter. :-)


I hope you found this page interesting or helpful. Every Strat-O-Matic player is different. We have our own individual reasons for playing SOM and our individual settings reflect those reasons. I always look forward to future releases just to see the new additions and improvements to the computer program and to the game!

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